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CTV Ottawa
Dec 27, 2009
Alberta town at the vanguard of computer tech

Calgary Herald
Dec 16, 2009
PC a hit among luxury set

Edmonton Journal
December 12, 2009
Dream machines top Wired Wish List

Wired Magazine 2009 Wired Wish List #1
December 2009
Wired Wish List

Holland Herald (KLM's In-flight magazine)
August, 2008
Make a statement

P-Mag (Belgium)
July, 2008
De beuk erin

HET Magazine (Netherlands)
Issue 3, 2008

May 24, 2008
Interview on Howard Suissa.
April 26, 2008
Technology interview.

The Bristall Morgan Report
Spring - Summer 2008
(Executive Profile)
"...Howard shows us that there is always room for creativity and timeless beauty, and in this case it blends in with the high-speed nature of technology, rather than being at odds with it."

May 8, 2008
Suissa's Enlighten PC looks like anything but - by John Brownlee

Adeyaka (Infiniti Magazine for Europe)
April 2008
"Why we love it. Finally a computer that you would welcome to your living room, because it has the grace of a timeless classic. It is redolent of the Eames Chair or the Hermann Miller office range..."

Live Night & Day (British men's magazine through Mail on Sunday newspaper)
November 25, 2007
"... Canadian Howard Suissa has created something to take pride of place in your office..."

Luxury (Russian luxury magazine)
January 2008
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Punkt (Swiss investment magazine)
December 2007
"Enlighten... will satisfy aims of a higher clientele."

Treehugger - Buy Green Guide
November 2, 2007
"The Rolex of computers..."

ShortList (British men's magazine)
October 18, 2007
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New Dream Homes and Condos Magazine
The IIDEX NeoCon Design Show: Signalling future design trends for homeowners - by J. Lynn Fraser
October 17, 2007

... "Another innovative Canadian designer at IIDEX was Howard Suissa. ...Suissa noted that at IIDEX there was a trend toward...." (...more).

Recent online media coverage
September 27 - October 4
Here is some of the recent coverage on Enlighten.

Fairchild TV
August 22, 2007 - interview with Arlene Tang
* we are hoping to post this interview soon!

June 1, 2007 - interview with Amber MacArthur

Watch the interview
"A Canadian designer who loves computers believes these machines deserve a place of honour in our homes." 

Globe & Mail
Against the Grain - by Rebecca Dube
May 18, 2007 (Life section, front page)

... "Like many of us, Mr. Suissa's customers keep their lives on their computers - photos of children, unfinished novels, that Al Green recording they danced to at their wedding. Naturally, they want a personal touch for their personal computers."

Computer Dealer News
A Gold-plated System Builder - by Howard Solomon
May 11, 2007

... "
Undoubtedly, the Thornhill, Ont., company is one of Canada's – if not the world's – most exclusive computer builders."  (,,,more)

Space (Beijing, China)
March, 2007

New Design (...more)

The New York Times

How to Soften the Edges of Technology - by Anne Eisenberg
March 18, 2007 (Business section, p. 3)

View online version of article here.

CNN Headline News - Cutting Edge Design
February 16 - 18, 2007

Børsen Magasin (Danish Magazine)
Elegant & ekstravagant - by Sten Løck
February 2007 (Gadgets)

Teknologi i træ. Hvem siger, at computere skal være grå og kasseformede?

Canadian House & Home
Amazing Case - by J. Lynn Fraser
March 2007 (p. 32 - Style Files)

...Suissa Computers is turning the utilitarian PC into something decidedly more organic... (more)

Financial Post Business Magazine
Elegant Items for the Office and Abroad
National Post
February 1, 2007

... The company has created a line of elegant-looking computer systems perfect for sitting on executives' fancy oak desks...

Wall Street Journal
Inconspicuous Consumption - Hiding The Plasma TV - by Andrew LaVallee
February 1, 2007 (pp. D1, D2)

... an increasing number of consumers are downplaying their living-room gadgetry.... (more)

Forbes (Israel)
Suissa Computers - by Eyal Marcus
February 2007 (Gadgets section)

Cool Hunting
Suissa Computers - by Tim Yu
January 10, 2007

It's no secret that personal computers have taken center stage in people's increasingly digital lives. If the recent news from (...more)

Wired Magazine
Heirloom PC - by Brian Lam
January 2007 (Fetish section)

You can finally afford quality furniture, so how about a PC you can (...more)

Career School Guide
Geek Chic in Contemporary Interior Design - by Sonja Albrecht
December 2006

More and more interior designers are drawing on design education to create a warmer, more approachable look for home technology... (...more)

Canadian Interiors
Go green or go home - by Leslie C. Smith
November / December 2006 (p. 23 - 25)

Visitors to IIDEX/NeoCon in Toronto got the message that green is good, a higher purpose is essential and great style sells. ... Best in show for many visitors was Suissa Computers... (...more)

Getting Wood
January 2007, Mantrack (p. 38)

We’ll give a pass to the awful PC design of the past 20 years as a trade-off for rampant technological innovation. But if we’re going to stick a box in our home today, it darn well better be pretty. (...more)

Good Life Connoisseur
Must-Have Gadgets: The Hottest Gifts from the World of Tech - by Dave Chalk
Winter 2006, Connoisseur's Choice - Innovations (p. 55)

... I've compiled a list of a few of my favourite things, all of which would make outstanding gifts.... Canadian computer manufacturer Suissa is challenging the idea

Tiempo de Relojes
Mutacion Digital - by Carlos Gutierez Bracho
November 2006, High Tech (p. 200)

Por functionalidad o estetica, la tecnologia actual apuesta por la fusion cultural (...more)

Design Engineering
Thinking Outside the Beige Box
November/December, 2006 - Eddie's Page (p. 34)

Typically, personal computers are noisy, wire-entangled and downright ugly boxes hidden beneath a desk or banished to a closet. For Howard Suissa, founder of Suissa Computers, technology should take centre stage. After all, personal computers have become storehouses for people’s increasingly digital lives. Suissa says his aim (...more)

Ranch & Coast, San Diego's Luxury Lifestyle magazine
Wood Is Good
November, 2006 by Ryan Thomas

Ever wondered what your computer could double as — how about functional art and furniture? Designed by Suissa in Canada, these hand-crafted, wooden computers can stand alone as tables or just interesting conversation pieces. The hardware is no different than any of today’s PCs, (...more)

Wood Computers for the Living Room
October 3, 2006 - Candace Lombardi

As movie and TV downloads become more popular and the hard drive replaces the DVD drawer, people may want a nicer look, and a lot more storage. (...more)
Suissa Computers: All-Wood Cases Elevate PCs to the Heirloom Level
September 29, 2006 – by Charlie White

Some of us banish our PCs to the basement, running long cables to them and keeping them and their noise away from us, but not Suissa Computers. Canadian designer Howard Suissa elevates the PC and its case to a level that almost resembles worship.
Suissa Computers: Powerful, Beautiful and (sort of) Green
September 29, 2006 – by Lloyd Alter (Toronto)

For some, computers are utilitarian beige boxes. Others love the elegant but hermetically sealed apple approach. Still others treat their computers like people used to treat cars- something to play with, to mod, to build to your own tastes and specifications. Howard Suissa thinks that computers belong in your living room, and that they should look like they belong there.

Media Releases

Enlighten and Revolution redefine the personal computer
October 2, 2007, Thornhill, ON-Suissa Computers returned to Canada's largest design show with two new computer designs. Enlighten and Revolution reflect the emerging trend of the physical separation between our hardware and data - 

New external hard drive makes easy connections
August 21, 2007, Thornhill, ON-With all the peripherals and portable devices available to plug into the personal computer, it can be difficult to avoid the crouching, reaching and squinting involved in the hunt for a free USB or audio port. Canadian industrial designer Howard Suissa has designed an external hard drive that puts those connections right at your fingertips.

Making a human connection to digital technology

December 22, 2006, Thornhill, ON - This holiday season, our personal computers will store even more family photos, favourite music and home movies. Canadian industrial designer Howard Suissa believes there needs to be a connection

Sexy desktop computers hit Canada’s largest interior design event

September 28, 2006, Toronto – It could be a new category of product for IIDEX / NeoCon. Canadian industrial designer Howard Suissa launched his company and its product today at Canada’s largest interior design event. Suissa Computers designs and builds exclusive computer systems
(… more)


Suissa Computers redefines the personal desktop computer

Consumers are using personal computers more than ever to store family photos, favourite music, home movies and planned trips. Canadian industrial designer Howard Suissa believes there needs to be a connection between these memories and the technology in which they are stored. (...more)

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