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October 2, 2007

 Enlighten and Revolution redefine the personal desktop computer

October 2, 2007, Thornhill, Ontario – Suissa Computers returned to Canada's largest design show with two new computer designs. Enlighten and Revolution reflect the emerging trend of the physical separation between our hardware and data - such as storing e-mail on off-site servers, connecting wirelessly, or the proliferation of external storage devices, says industrial designer and president of Suissa Computers, Howard Suissa.

“The design of Enlighten and Revolution reflects the trend to separate our personal data from the immediate vicinity of technology. While Enlighten and Revolution visually separate the processing from our input, they are fully present, because the memories we store on our computers, our photos, home videos, music and other collections, belong with the family, not in some Matrix-like concept.”

With the DVD drive above, the power supply grounded and hidden, and the components floating inside a clear chamber, Revolution is a 360 degree view of technology where all the components are connected visually. Enlighten goes a step further, separating those items with which we interface, such as the DVD drive and power button, from those with which we do not interface, such as the motherboard, memory, video card and power supply.

“Enlighten offers a visually dynamic form which explores the modularity of technology, reflects the movement through time that our memories occupy and provides a tangible home for them,” says Suissa. “All the pieces of a computer do not need to be in one block together. The form of Enlighten relates to our changing uses and understanding of the proceeds of our personal technology.”

Suissa Computers provides complete, high performance luxury desktop computer systems for work, gaming and entertainment. Clients choose from one of two reference technology packages: AMD or Intel, which are then tailored for specific needs. The components offered in the packages change regularly to stay on the cutting edge of technology. All models are designed with the client's choice of air or liquid cooling systems and with special attention given to air flow. Clients can customize their Suissa Computer including design, carvings, inlays, detail materials and wood choice.

Enlighten was unveiled September 27 at IIDEX / NeoCon, Canada's largest design trade show. Revolution, added to the collection in early 2007, was also on display for the first time.

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