About Us
Mission Natural beauty on the outside. Pure power on the inside. Suissa Computers designs and builds luxury computer systems that stand out and challenge preconceived ideas.
Vision To design, build and provide an emotional connection to digital living. Our systems are powerful inside and out - they will be stared at for their individuality, and admired for their performance. Our component packages are always changing to keep our customers on the cutting edge of computer technology.
Company Suissa Computers is a registered Canadian computer manufacturer.
Designer Howard Suissa is the company founder, visionary, industrial designer, woodworker and system builder. Howard spent a year in the design department of Japan’s top transportation lighting, fare collection, sign and display company, giving him insight into lighting and detailing on technology, as well as design practices and philosophies different from western culture. With a diploma in industrial design from Ontario College of Art and Design and a post-graduate in applied information technology, he is uniquely positioned to not only design computers, but also build the internal systems. He has focussed on both visual-tactile and visual user interface. He is also an expert cabinet-maker and wood-worker and brings past experience in welding, mold-injection and parts fabrication to his designs.
Quality Suissa Computers are made with domestic and imported solid wood, metal and other accent materials. The highest quality wood is selected based on furniture woodworking expertise. All models are designed with liquid cooling and air-flow systems that ensure the technology is symbiotic with the materials.
Environment Suissa Computers cares about our environment.
• Suissa Computers uses a reputable wood dealer who has been in business for 20 years, and who uses only sources that follow all guidelines and regulations. 
• Suissa Computers continues to research its wood sources, including reconstituted wood.
• Wood waste is used as mulch in the garden or is recycled.
• Our production process is clean and eco-friendly.
• Suissa Computers cases are meant to last forever.
• Suissa Computers high performance components will not need frequent replacing.
• Metal and acrylic off-cuttings are recycled.
Our manufacturing process is clean.
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