Following is some of the online media coverage on Enlighten, the newest design Suissa Computers launched at the IIDEX / NeoCon design trade show on September 27, 2007.

First Pictures of Suissa's Latest Computer, Enlighten
We love Suissa Computers; they are built like very fine furniture, endlessly upgradeable to last as long as you do....

Suissa's latest computer, "Enlighten" has a different vision and utility of technology
The Suissa Computers for long have had a reputation for being endlessly upgradeable and producing well-furnished master-pieces....
Suissa's Wooden Enlighten PC is a bargain at $16,000
Suissa, a company quite renowned for making natural wood luxury computers, has taken wraps off the Suissa Enlighten. It's the first modularized PC from the house....

Suissa Enlighten is part computer, part sculpture
Suissa, a computer company that makes specialty computers that don't look like your average grey tower, has just unveiled its gorgeous Enlighten PC....

Suissa Enlighten modularized PC
The Suissa Enlighten modularized computer by far and large looks nothling like a PC at first, second, or even third glance....

The PC deconstructed
Suissa is a Canadian designer that has a demonstrated history of putting a decidedly different spin on the rectangular box-style PC....

Suissa's Wooden Enlighten PC
Like other Suissa PCs, the Enlighten's case is made of wood meant to last through many cycles of component gutting and upgrading....

Shiny Shiny
Suissa Computers: It's been emotional

Tech Republic
Pics: Artsy woodcrafted PCs and components

Cool Hunting
Suissa: Enlighten
Suissa recently released their newest wood encased computer called Enlighten....

Slippery Brick
Suissa's Enlighten PC is wooden and modularized
Suissa, a company known for making natural wood encased luxury computers and components, has released its latest work called the Suissa Enlighten which has been under wraps until now.
Suissa Enlighten: Design-PC ohne Ecken
Na gut, fast ohne - denn das Netzteil ist als einzieges Bestandteil des Enlighten....

Trendhunter Magazine
Luxury Wood PC Case - Suissa Enlighten

Suissa Enlighten fur anspruchsvolle Edel-Zocker
Gadget Globus: Nobel_PC im Rundegehause

Gear online
At gentaenke computeren

Design-PC aus Holz und Glas mit Highend-Hardware

PC Magazin
Design-PC aus Holz und Glas mit Highend-Hardware




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