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Suissa Computers - by Tim Yu
January 10, 2007

It's no secret that personal computers have taken center stage in people's increasingly digital lives. If the recent news from Apple and launches at CES are any indication, they're increasingly evolving beyond the dull, noisy, wire-entangled boxes we're used to. Even better than the gadgety and artificial look and feel of the new computer-based devices we're seeing, Howard Suissa uses his sound understanding of interior design and the architectural processes to make computers housed in a handsome chassis made from hardwoods.

Yuki (pictured above left) goes far beyond any standard desktop. It comes perfectly setup up for entertainment purposes (watch out Apple TV) and the internal layout of Yuki creates an ultra-efficient curved airflow chamber to keep your room cool. The wood insulates the sound resonance of the already quiet components, reducing noise even further. It's available for around $5737.

You may have already seen Suissas around, but for those in search of a computer that looks like something out of a Curiosity Shoppe, the Revolution (pictured above right) is a new cylindrical-shaped computer with glass housing that allows viewing of internal components. Launched last month, models start at $6503.

Suissa offers custom packages for the internal set-up on all the models in the series, but he also makes built-to-order commissions with the woods and details of your choice and tricked-out machines to suit your needs.

via Wired Magazine
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