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November, 2006 - Ryan Thomas, Executive Editor

Wood Is Good

Ever wondered what your computer could double as — how about functional art and furniture? Designed by Suissa in Canada, these hand-crafted, wooden computers can stand alone as tables or just interesting conversation pieces. The hardware is no different than any of today’s PCs, capable of running the latest programs, and can be upgraded like any other computer without the need to change the shell. Set up includes an NVIDIA GeForce 7900 or 7950 video card, Thermaltake liquid cooling system, 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor with 1440 x 900 resolution, and Windows XP Professional x64, among other wares. The wood comes in a variety of grains, including maple, zebrawood, walnut, goncalo alves, lacewood, leopardwood, mahogany, and purpleheart, to name a few. "Computer case design has stagnated," says designer Howard Suissa, "with very little thought to its place in our living space. Someone who has a well-defined style deserves a computer system that fits into the interior design, something a little more human." The computers just debuted in Canada a couple of months ago with rave reviews. They will be available in the United States soon. In the meantime, swing on over to the Web site to check out their wilder designs. If you have a different style in mind, no problem, Suissa will take on custom work. Prices range from $4,900 to $8,300, and can go as high as $31,000 for rare and custom models.

Suissa Computers  |  P.O. Box 262, Vegreville, Alberta, T9C 1R2  |  +1-(780)-603-2701  |  www.suissacomputers.com