Febuary 13, 2008

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Suissa Computers redefines the personal desktop computer

Consumers are using personal computers more than ever to store family photos, favourite music, home movies and planned trips. Canadian industrial designer Howard Suissa believes there needs to be a connection between these memories and the technology in which they are stored. “The personal computer has become a hub for the family. It therefore deserves a place of honour within the home.”

Suissa designs some of the world’s most unique and exclusive desktop computers. His company, Suissa Computers, manufactures limited edition, luxury computers, a niche in an otherwise over-saturated market. The technology savvy will drool over the high performance components in Suissa's computer systems. However, the unique designs and hand-crafted cases with accent materials give these computers a human touch.

 With the integration of computers into the living environment, Suissa believes people are craving something more human. “Computer case design has stagnated, with very little thought to its place in our living space,” he says. “Someone who has a well defined style deserves a computer system that fits into the interior design. People relate to natural materials more readily than to the cold sterility of plastic or metal. There has to be an alternative to the hermetically sealed, sterilized unit, or a computer that resembles an alien’s head, or has a tribal tattoo theme.”

Suissa’s design inspiration comes from many areas including architecture, nature, music, furniture, and automotive design. Suissa incorporates these different inspirations with the design lines of the 40s and 50s.

“With the advent of plastic, design that had been evolving for hundreds of years got left aside,” he says. “I like to think, what would have happened if this line had not been interrupted – where would design have gone? Now, there are many companies recreating and releasing over and over the same designs from the 50s, because they have forgotten how to design without using plastic - with beautiful wood and other materials.”

Suissa Computers recently released the limited edition Enlighten. Its design reflects the trend to separate our personal data from the immediate vicinity of technology. All the parts we touch, such as the DVD drive and power button, are separate from those with which we do not interface, such as the motherboard, memory, video card and power supply.

Suissa says that all the pieces of a computer do not need to be in one block together. “The form of Enlighten relates to our changing uses and understanding of the proceeds of our personal technology,” he says. “Enlighten visually separates the human connection and the processing, because the memories we store on our computers, our photos, home videos, music and other collections, belong with the family, not in some Matrix-like concept.” 


Before starting his own computer company, Suissa’s experiences included a year in the design department of Japan’s top transportation lighting company, giving him insight into lighting and detailing on technology, as well as design practices and philosophies different from western culture.


Suissa Computers provides complete, high performance luxury desktop computer systems for work, gaming and entertainment. Clients choose from one of two reference technology packages: AMD or Intel, which are then tailored for specific needs. The components offered in the packages change regularly to stay on the cutting edge of technology. All models are designed with the client's choice of air or liquid cooling systems and with special attention given to air flow. Clients can customize their Suissa Computer including, design, carvings, inlays, detail materials and wood choice.

 Suissa Computers provides an emotional connection to digital living. Visit for more information.



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